Microflex Dissemination

Details of the publications and events related to the Microflex project:


Journal Title
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Conference Title
Paper Title
IEEE Sensors, Oct 2012, Taipei, Taiwan
Y Wei, R Torah, K Yang, S Beeby, J Tudor.
Eurosensors XXVI, Sept 2012, Krakow, Poland
Y Wei, R Torah, K Yang, S Beeby, J Tudor.
4th International Conference "Smart Materials, Structures and Systems" (CIMTEC) - June 2012 - Italy
S Beeby, R Torah, K Yang, Y Wei, J Tudor
88th Textile Institute World Conference - May 2012 - Malaysia
Russel Torah, Kai Yang, Steve Beeby, John Tudor
88th Textile Institute World Conference - May 2012 - Malaysia
Konstantin Astafiev, Tomasz Zawada, Lise Nielsen and Erling Ringgaard
Textile thinking for sustainable materials - Networking event - Uni of Loughborough, UK
K Yang, R Torah, J Tudor, Y Wei, S Beeby
DTIP - 25-27 April 2012, Cannes, France
Y Wei, R Torah, K Yang, S Beeby and J Tudor
Printed Electronics Europe 2012 - Germany
Printed piezoelectrics - technology and applications
T Zawada
Euratex workshop - March 2012
Konstantin Astafiev, Tomasz Zawada and Erling Ringgaard
2nr rencontres électronique imprimée, 21st March 2012, Paris, France
Philippe Guermonprez
26e Journée Technologique : "Autonomie et dépendance" - Les solutions textiles - 15 March 2012, Lille, France
Philippe Guermonprez
Smart Fabrics 2011 - London -5/6th April .
S Beeby, J Tudor, R Torah, K Yang, Y Wei.
PIEZO 2011 - Sestiere, Italy - 27th Feb-3rd Mar.
Karsten Hansen and Tomasz Zawada
ENSAIT - 4th November 2010, Lille
Philippe Guermonprez
Expoprotection 2010, 2nd to 5th November, Paris.
Philippe Guermonprez
E-MRS 2010 - June 2010.
Integration of sensors in textiles
W Wolny
41st International Symposium on Novelties in Textiles - Slovenia, May 2010
Josef Stefan Institute
Smart Textiles, Mar 2010, France
Philippe Guermonprez
4th Annual Public Conference, Brussels 1-2 April 2009
Antonio Andretta
45th International Conference on Microelectronics, Devices and Materials - MIDEM, Slovenia 9-11 Sept 2009.
Josef Stefan Institute

Exhibition Name
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Microflex Exhibition
October 18th 2012
Kai Yang (UoS), John Tudor (UoS)

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Presentations and other media
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TV program hosted by TITV Greiz in Germany
(May 2010)
Ralf Lucklum
Steve Beeby and John Tudor

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